Environmental Team

  • "Team Bearnoulli 2014-15"
  • "Team Caliente 2013-14 Mid-Pac Construction"

Welcome To Cal Enviro!

If you're interested in water treatment, sustainability, or environmental engineering, check us out! Meetings are Mondays 6-8 PM at 212 O'Brien Hall. Fall 2015 semester will be mainly dedicated to learning fundamental water treatment principles and drafting the design report. Link to syllabus.

What We Do

Every year, Cal Enviro competes at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Mid Pacific conference against universities in the western United States. The task is to design and construct a cheap, simple, sustainable, and effective water filter that can treat wastewater (whose constiuents are decided upon by the hosting university). Through the spirit of competition, the team hopes to promote awareness to challenges in wastewater treatment, encourage design and application of innovative water filters, and build long lasting connections between students.